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How to hide file in android apps

There are some important files and folders in a gadget like android, laptops and mobile phones as well as several other gadgets, allowing others to access the confidential files or files that others should not know it could be used either intentionally or unintentionally. What more if we use android which is often used by others as a friend, brother, sister and others. For that we need to hide files and folders is as safe as possible so that important files such as music, song, video, and files and folders will be maintained and can not be found by others.

So the question now is, how to hide files in android?, Now it is in fact not a difficult thing to do because in google play alone there are some android apps to hide video files, songs and other files easily.

My choice to hide files application in android are two android applications use very easy and also free to be downloaded Adao file manager and  File hide expert.

How to hide files in android with Adao File manager:

1. Download and install Adao file manager. But this apk on google play is not available, can be found in several forums and others.

2. Besides could to hide file and foler in android, Adao file manager also can be used for the file manager as a tool to open the folder, data on android, if in windows, Adao file manager similar to Windows Explorer. Back up the application, task manager etc..

3. After installed, open Adao file manager application, select the SD card and select the data or files will be hidden by tapping the file until it comes out and sliding up the options menu so that the menu option Hide files visible. File hide option menu picture is at the bottom.
hide file di android

4. After the file menu Hide seen just click the options menu and any files that will be hidden will disappear from menu.

5. To restore files that have been hidden, Close Adao file manager or back by clicking the back button so Adao file manager located in the main menu. There are several menu options upward shift so posts will be hidden files visible. Click the Hidden files or writing for the first time we are given to create your own password, enter the password that will be made, after the password is created and has been entered into the Hidden files and files that are hidden will be there, click on the file to be restored to the original place of a single click or click longer.
restore file on android hide

How to hide files and folders in android with File Hide  Expert:

1. Download and install File Hide expert here.

2. Once installed open the app and to hide files such as video, song or music, pictures and also click the folder or picture folders that reside on the top right.
hide files on android
3. Select the folder or file that will be hidden by clicking the plus button on the right.
hide expert android files

4. Once files or folders are on the menu hide, click the hide button to hide all files or folders, these are available at the bottom left. And to restore the files and folders in hide just click the unhide all button or click the x button.
hide folder on android

5. Good luck.

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