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Tips For CPU Problem

Sometimes, our computer suddenly restarts itself when jamming we're using and make something important. Can we stress what if these problems are upon us, going to the service but it's late or we are lazy to bring us to where service cpu, there are a few tips that can be done, according to the problems faced.

One quick way to fix our computer problems or a sudden something goes wrong, then we should recognize these problems by reading the manual book or we find a trusted source for example a friend or on the internet, than we immediately brought him to the place of service , except when we have really no longer able to fix it.

Computers that are dead / hangs before entering operating system can cause can vary. Here are tips that I have been practicing and almost always successful. Select the appropriate problems, or do it gradually.

Check the cable, starting from the incoming cable to the UPS / Stabilizer, Power cable to the Monitor, Monitor cable to the CPU and the cable into the computer. Ensure installation compliance and tight, first unplug the cable in question and insert it tight, and there and enough electrical current, can also occur due to unstable electrical currents, using the stabilizer appropriate capacity of your computer.

If there is a CD-ROM / DVD-ROM and can be opened / closed, and not to any cd / dvd in it, if the cd / dvd rom is not used, if it is off but it still does not want to flame, then chances are there are problems in computer (CPU), ranging from the power cable into the motherboard or the motherboard itself, check the installation of the cord.

If the two steps above have been checked, and still not turn on, turn off the computer and reset the BIOS on the motherboard. It can be seen in the motherboard manual, and locate the Reset the BIOS menu. Normally to reset the BIOS can be done on Jumper 1 (JP1). There is 3 pins, which 2 of them associated with a small connector. To reset, just remove and put on 2 pins the other. Eg 3 pins are 1,2,3 and pins 1 and 2 are already connected, then to reset the stay off and put on pins 2 and 3. Location of the jumpers in accordance with the motherboards that we have. Allow about 30 seconds or so and then return to normal. Turn on the computer.

If the BIOS has been reset and still does not turn, try out the CMOS battery, which is on the motherboard. Let stand about 1 minute, and then installed again and restart the computer. If the battery is long enough, more than 3 years, it's good to be replaced with new ones. Moreover, if the clock on the computer often does not match.

If the fan Processor / VGA spinning, but the computer still does not return, then chances are there's something wrong with the motherboard BIOS or the motherboard had been damaged. Maybe the BIOS needs to be updated, but prior to the update, the computer must be on (enter BIOS) first. To do that, let loose hard drive cable, CD-ROM, Floppy. Then, remove the computer memory (RAM) and replace it in another slot or use another computer's memory. This may be repeated several times, until there are signs of life.

If the CPU has seemed to work, spinning hard drive and CPU LED lights blinking but the monitor does not exist it looks, then may VGA (Graphics) computer that is problematic. Try to replace with another VGA or VGA check on another computer (This is if VGA does not become one with the motherboard).

Use PC Analyzer which was designed to determine the damage to the motherboard.

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