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Troubleshooting that often occur on a computer

If you have a PC, then there is the possibility of experiencing computer problems. The biggest problem there is usually a computer to its owner.

More than 80% of computer Troubleshooting are caused by negligence to perform simple maintenance tasks, such as had never done the cleaning routine. Never delete the cache files, and very rarely update software on a regular basis .

Slow computer performance

troubleshooting computer
This is the first computer problem than most computer users. There are several reasons why this is happening. However, some may be associated with a lack of health maintenance.

Troubleshooting on display

Troubleshooting on the monitor

Analysis & solutions:
1. See indicator light
2. Check regulator and contrast brightnes
3. See the display on the screen self-test
4. Check the power cable on the monitor
5. Check the cable connection on port data cable video out and display adapter

Other causes:
1. Damage display adapter card (normal sound: beep noise ... & there is a troubleshooting: beep ... beep ... beep ... beep)
2. Memory / RAM

Troubleshooting display adapter:

Analysis & solutions:
1. Check the hardware and software display adapter
2. Resolution display adapter settings by restarting in safe mode by press F8, right click desktop select properties and select the settings tab. On the lower the display resolution settings tab and select Apply - OK.

Other causes:
1. Damage to the operating system and hardware (the hardware itself)

Troubleshooting on the Hard Disk Drive

Hard disk not recognized

Analysis & solutions:
1. Check the data cable connection and power on hard drive
2. Check the configuration of the BIOS / CMOS setup (select auto detection for convenience)

Other causes:
1. IDE controller defective

Can not boot from the hard disk

Analysis & solutions:

1. When you have a HDD controller failure and it can not recognize hard drive can try to check the data cables and BIOS settings.

2. If the message Missing operating system, then change the BIOS setup or the operating system is lost / formatted. To overcome this troubleshooting can be re-partition and re-install OS.

3. If the message appears Bad or Missing command interpreter can then try booting from a bootable floppy "in accordance with the OS" and then copy the COMMAND.COM file to your hard disk. If you can not save on your hard disk then can check hard disk capacity of full / empty, hard disk exposed to the virus can be overcome with anti virus and also can be no mistake the operating system configuration (CONFIG.SYS) and other possible damage to the hard disk file structure (FAT / SCSI).

4. Can replace with new hard disk and make min 2 partitions for system and data back up.

Other causes:
1. Hard disk boot record to boot sector damage
2. Bad sectors on the hard disk "location on the hard disk can not be used because of damaged / bad".

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Problems with HDD can be related to its age- old disks(about 4-5 years) sometimes just die ;)

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