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Free Download | Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2011

Symantec bundle presents the latest release of their security application that is Norton Anti Virus (NAV) and Norton Internet Security (NIS). October this time the vendor brings NAV and NIS 2011.

As is known, Norton Internet Security is a security application bundle that is more complete than the Norton Anti Virus. Features such as protection when conducting transactions online, prophylactic hacking, parental controls, and notices of fraudulent sites is a feature that is not provided on the NAV but there are in NIS.

Compared with Norton 360, NIS also has a fairly complete. You do not need facilities such as optimizing PC performance and automatic backup services and online storage up to 2GB can just choose the Norton Internet Security. Then, what is interesting about this 2011 version?


On the main menu and PC security applications while protecting the identity of this latest online, at the bottom, there is a world map. Interestingly, the map is not just a display, but the interactive map.

When you click on any part of the map, then Norton Internet Security 2011 will provide a chronological list of cities that present the greatest threat in the area you clicked earlier.

When you click on the Folder Details, it will get information on viruses, trojans, or other malware attacks emerging in the running text at the bottom. If you clicked on the info>> and then click View Details>> on the menu that appears, then the information about malware that will be presented complete. Condition, you need to connect to the Internet for malware database information can be retrieved from the Symantec servers.

Interestingly, if you want to do the scanning, in addition to scanning on a computer, you can also do the scanning on the links that exist on the Wall up to you. Way, click Scan Now button, then select Scan up Wall. After that you will be prompted to log into your Facebook account.

After getting permission, Norton Internet Security will scan the links on your Facebook wall. He'll let you know whether the link is safe or dangerous for your clicks. This feature is useful to remember this for many cases of identity theft via social networks or other social engineering methods.

In addition to scan links, Norton Internet Security 2011 also scan each file to be downloaded by users. The aim is to prevent an application or can be downloaded file is malicious applications (malware). However, this application is not to perform a scan of files downloaded using download accelerator applications such Internet Download Manager.

Download Norton Internet Security  (NIS) 2011 below:

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Posted by: Zein Okeh Share Everything, Updated at: Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Norton Software said...

Thanks for the information, I have often wondered how other people felt about this issue.

Internet Security said...

This sounds good I have been noticing more and more spam on facebook this certainly looks like a good way to protect yourself. I hope they bring one out soon that can do the same thing for IM as well.

sandhiya said...

Good information on Avira antivirus softwares use as a Virus scanner to clean the affected files from the system.
Internet Virus Protection

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