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List of facebook smileys and emoticons for facebook

Previously I was looking for facebook emoticons for my brother, he asked how to make emoticons for facebook chat with his friend because his friend had various forms of emoticons on facebook that are sent via facebook chat.
and finally I got it thanks already share in facebook emoticons Complete list of emoticons and smileys for facebook chat.

Here is the complete list of smileys and emoticons that you can use in your facebook chat. Just type emoticon code for each one, or copy and paste from here, and it'll pop up in your chat !

NEW FACEBOOK EMOTICON: (y)   = Thumb Up facebook emoticon. ("Like" facebook emoticon )

New facebook emoticon :42: = Number 42, Whats mean?

New facebook emoticon:
<(") = Penguin  More info (CLICK HERE)

New facebook emoticon: (^^^) = Shark

:) or :-) or =) or :] = Smile
:D or :-D or =D = Big smile

>:o or >:-o = Smile with close eyes

or :-o = Surprise

or :-( or =( or :[ = Sad face

or ;-) = Wink

= Crying

or :-* = Kiss
or :-p = Tongue
or >:-( = Angry
= Heart. This also works in any facebook message, not only in the chat. Works on the wall, status messages, private messages, comments or where you want.

= Cat face , mustache.

= Pleasant face

= Pleasant face with eyes down

or O:-) = Angel

or 3:-) = Devil

= Pacman

= Robot

or 8-) or B) or B-) = Glasses

or 8-| or B| or B-| = Dark glasses

or :-/ or :\ or :-\ = Confuse

.O or O.o = Big and small eye

:putnam: = Human head. Who is putnam?  CLICK HERE

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