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Free Download - Win web Crawler v2.0

win web crawler v2.0


System Requirements:

  • Almost operating system can use this software to crawler web on you have, use for windows xp, vista and more
  • You just have ram for 32 MB RAM and yous can use it
  • To install it just have space disk for 1 MB Hard Disk Space
  • Off course you must connect to internet to use it or if you use for offline on your apache or folder your web you can use it

 A powerful web crawler utility to Extract:

* Almost all url can craw by this fotware
* Title, word picture and keyword will add too to your folder craw
* More..


Website, search engine result, to use for any craw

Use for

To extract all url, no meta tag data from a web site

  • Go to New Session Dialog
  • Select "Source = WebSite"
  • Enter website URL in Starting Address box: like
  • Select depth = 0 (to spider entire website , see more about depth here)
  • Select "Save Data" folder , i.e. where program will save the data
  • Select Save Format - CSV or line by line
  • Click OK button

For example: "Win Web Crawler" is going to visit URL for data extraction.
After your website fill  there and  you just select the option you want then click ok, will run automatic.
Open your Search  Result crawler in your save dir, this result:     

With the fast pace almost all types of websites you can save in a folder on the computer and we will certainly be able to wear and use the computer as offline web tertulisa with the settings and can we save time for it.
Download win web crawler v2.0 here

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Posted by: Zein Okeh Share Everything, Updated at: Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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