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Internet Explorer (IE) 9 Final version

Microsoft's latest browser, Internet Explorer (IE) 9 Final version finally released last March 14, 2011. Although the realm of the browser is populated by many players such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and several other smaller browsers, IE still seems desirable.

This can be seen as when Microsoft released the Beta version IE9 around the end of September last year. Greeting pretty good market, where companies with offices in Redmond was reported that there were about 2 million times downloaded within the first 48 hours.

In fact, when it IE9 arguably not yet "ripe". What if Microsoft actually present final version or versions of ripeness? According forecast, the amount of download IE9 Final version exploded.

IE9, released Monday, was downloaded 2.35 million times in the first 24 hours. If the average, there are about 98,000 times the download for an hour or 27 times per second download.

"We want to thank all the people in the world upon them by downloading IE9 enthusiasm," said Ryan Gavin, senior director of IE, which quoted VIVAnews of, Thursday, March 17, 2011.

When compared with other browsers, IE9 achievement is not very impressive. Mozilla Firefox is still unmatched for a matter of record. Within a few hours after its release, Firefox 3.5 recorded more than 1 million times downloaded in 2009. Previously, Firefox 3.0 downloaded 8 million times within 24 hours. IE9 record is still far behind Firefox.

So what Microsoft has to offer with the latest browser? IE supports the latest version of HTML5, which is an updated user interface, as well as anti-trace functions. In addition, it also supports Direct2D, DirectWrite to accelerate graphics performance, and some additional features in CSS3 and strandarisasi SVG2.

New features that Microsoft claimed to be able to make IE9 over 'speeding' and light.
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Download Internet Explorer (IE) 9 here

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