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Google software, translate words into other languages automatically

Soon, we can travel the world with a calm and easy to communicate with anyone without problems the language difference. Expect to Google who are developing applications on Android phones so that people can translate words that have been in say into other languages automatically.

Google makes the software prototype translator named "Conversation Mode" for Android phones. The workings of the system is recording the words spoken and said it again in a different language.

Conversation mode is actually a combination of Google Voice and Google Translate. The latter service is a text translator service. Conversation Mode can translate more than 50 languages with a smart phone, as long as the battery is still there and there is cellular service signal.

The program is designed for continuous learning so that they can work better. The program can continue to be filled with new translations and with the help of cloud computing, computer systems that store data on the internet, the update can immediately be enjoyed together.

As demonstrated during the exhibition of electronic equipment Internationalen Funkausstellung Berlin last September 2010, Conversation Mode can translate the conversation is quite complicated. Tourists could be more complex conversation with local people, not just ask where the toilet.

For example simulation of common conversation at the store. There are questions about the color of items and discount prices. Although there are some times error, the conversation finally took place smoothly. (National Geographic Indonesia / Alex Pangestu.
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