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Adsense ads not showing in sidebar blog

A few days ago I made a new blog using a template derived from itself.

I use mozilla browser and then I put some adsense on my new blog, In content, above the header and sidebar.

After few day my first adsense is not problem they appear on my sidebar blog, but after i upgrade to latest mozilla firefox and then my adsense not display in the sidebar of the blog. I try to open blog on google chrome and it was not a problem, Adsense in the sidebar appear. I think there was a script or block firefox addons ads are hidden on my template, but this is probably due to the latest firefox to block ads in the sidebar of the blog, but adsense is available in the header and the content is no problem, it's showing.

I check if there are addons for firefox which blocks ads adsense and other ads, but when I checked I did not use firefox addon block ads.

Then I go back a few blogs that have adsense ads and it was no problem, adsense in the sidebar still appears even though I use the new firefox.

I think the templates that I use there may be some script that functions to block ads sidebar.

I also tried to change the template. I use a template which is available on, then I replace it with a template that I downloaded at the free website templates provider, any changes occur after I open a new  template,  adsense is showing in the sidebar with  new firefox.

Based on my experience, if adsense does not appear in the sidebar of the blog using firefox then i did.

1. Check Firefox Addons , there is addons extensions with adsense ads blocked.
2. Changing proxy firefox browser.
3. Log out to your blogger account and see your blogspot without login.
4. Changing the template with the template was you downloaded in free download template site.

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Posted by: Zein Okeh Share Everything, Updated at: Monday, April 02, 2012

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