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Tips for adding google adsense into blog

Apparently not new to make our blog that can make money, simply by creating a blog and then list on google adsense blog we can produce.

To save the adsense code if we put in the sidebar or in the footer is enough to copy and paste the HTML in blogger but different if we want to keep it together with the content either above or below, but quite easy just by removing some code that is on adsense, orreplace the the code that can be encoded by the tools that already exist ,following an example to save the code.

The steps are as follows:
1. Log in to your Google account and you already have an account GA.
2. After a successful entry, which will have a configuration tab in your adsense account select GA.
3. Select AdSense for content and format you can customize to your liking.
4. Save the GA script into notepad.
5. Log in to your blog.
6. Select the layout tab, click Edit HTML and then check Expand Widget Templates box.
7. Then type CTRL + F or for use mozilla firefox, can go to see and then select find, after leaving the box to type search labeled ( ).
add adsense

8. And then copy the
GA script below

get code adsense

7. You can Remove sign <-- and -->; or change with code like sample below, before saving  In code adsense.

sav cod adsense blogger

8. Save and see the results.

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Posted by: Zein Okeh Share Everything, Updated at: Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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Rante Gajah said...

Powerful way to generate dollars through Google Adsense is so tempting.

Zein Okeh said...

@ Rante : yes Thats right ..

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