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Mobile defense Android app

Smartphone is one of the gadgets that are now widely in use, and there are many flaws in them such as viruses that are inside.
For that we must have good security for the security of our android.

One of the most feared was the loss of cell phone users smartphone. Maybe cell phone rates are not much, but the data in it can be more than the price of the phone. Well, for users of Android, Mobile Defense app may help.

Mobile Defense actually functions like remote control for the smartphone. You can do the physical protection of data and phone in realtime. The unique features that are suitable for protecting Defense Mobile phones, especially when changing hands or stolen.

Blocking phone is the first interesting feature is best known in this free Android application. This feature is online when your phone changes hands. Of course you lost your phone must be connected to the internet before it could do this. What about the virgin? Mobile Defense also be used to retrieve critical data from your cell phone when needed, plus deleting important data remotely.

In addition to removing and locking critical data, Mobile Defense also has features to recover lost data [recover], including backup of data, contact number or mobile settings. This is one more Defense Mobile features that you should know, aka Phone Tracking Tracking cell phones. If you know where your phone is currently located, just open the Mobile Defense website, enter your ID, and view your phone's position on the map are available.
Career Opportunities

At Mobile Defense, we are a passionate company that values creativity, intelligence, and teamwork. We realize technology is only as good as the team building it and it takes a special group to execute on our vision for better mobile security solutions. So we are taking great care to find the best people available to scale our team. If you’re interested in waking up every morning excited about your work and creating meaningful technology, we’re interested in you. You can download here
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helicopteros rc said...

Mobile defence like application is really become important and necessary for smartphones. It may help smartphone users and be sure them with their phones are safe from phone thieves.

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