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Bootmgr for windows 7 is missing

There are some errors that can be made by ourselves or indirectly by another user, when computers with windows 7 on BOOTMGR is Missing. How to fix the BOOTMGR is Missing in Windows 7? Damage bootmgr missing in windows 7 is often the case, when  turn on the computer or laptop then appears BOOTMGR is Missing.
bootmgr is missing in windows 7

What is bootmgr? bootmgr is the data to the boot configuration for Windows OS. This BootMgr may also this a new name for the NTLDR for Windows OS like as on windows xp. It usually appears BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart, BOOTMGR is missing Press any key to restart, or Could not find BOOTMGR. What is the purpose of BOOTMGR is Missing? The point is that when trying to start windows 7, boot manager missing and the system does not find the file bootmgr needed by the system to work at the beginning of the computer starts up.
BOOTMGR is Missing Cause there are two causes could be due to damage to hardware and software, or wrong in the bios settings.

We can use bootmanager software  such as plop, you can download for windows 7 . Completion is to use a CD / DVD installer Windows, but the problem will be more difficult if you use a netbook which does not use the cd / dvd rom. but we can use usb flashdrive contained bootable installation of windows 7. BOOTMGR is missing error message when the computer is turned on. What causes for windows 7 bootmgr is missing.

Some causes of this BOOTMGR is missing

- IDE cable is damaged or loose
- BIOS is outdated, Bios setting
- Problems in the process of upgrading the operating system
- Booting from a flash drive that does not complet
- File is corrupt and Windows 7 or misconfigured
- Damage to the hard drive including bad sectors hard drive

What should be done to fix the BOOTMGR is missing

1. Try to restart the PC. Who knows BOOTMGR is missing just a coincidence

2. Check your hard drive and another drive in the BIOS settings and make sure it is correct. Configuring the BIOS will tell the computer how to use a drive so incorrect settings can cause problems, including error BOOTMGR

3. Open and replace all the internal data such as hard disk data cable, CD Rom etc.. BOOTMGR error message can be caused by the controller cable is loose or damaged cables

4. If up to step 3 above is not also completed the problem, perform the file copy BOOTMGR
- Boot from the DVD "Windows 7"
- Choose the "Repair computer"
- Select "Cancel" to exit the repair wizard
- Next you will go to the display; 'command prompt', 'system restore', 'memory diagnostics', etc ...
- Select the "command prompt"
- Type in your DVD drive eg D: at the command prompt, then press [ENTER]
- We assume that you install windows on drive C: then please type "copy bootmgr c:" without quotes and then press [ENTER]
- Once the copy process is complete, type "exit" (without quotation marks) and press [ENTER]
- Reboot the computer
- Select "start windows normally"

5. If the problem still was not finished, there may be a good idea to update your motherboard BIOS. Be careful doing this. An Older BIOS versions can sometimes lead to "BOOTMGR is missing"

6. Perform re-install. This type of repair will completely remove Windows from your PC and install again from scratch. While this will almost certainly resolve any BOOTMGR error, it is time-consuming process due to the fact that all the data you need backed up and then returned

7. You can use the bootmanager software  such as plop, fix your boot problem and more software to download.

8. If up to step 6 and the install is rejected it means you have to replace the hard drive and then install a new copy of Windows. If all has failed, including a clean installation of the last step, you are most likely facing a hardware issue with your hard disk. Reference [Dede purnama]

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