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Google friend connect service will be close by google

Increasingly it seems google will remove some existing tools. Last month was a lot of google services like google buzz is removed and so forth.

This time google will close the Google Friend Connect service, whether there will be a replacement of the google friend connect.
Google friend connect I feel useful for bloggers to connect with another blogger.
google friend connect service

If google friend connect is removed the bloggers will be linked with what the service from google.
In 2011 Google seems to update all its services were to be removed and it makes a new service from google.
Issues that is also said to be deleted or renamed but it has not happened or that I did not know about it.

Some google services by the year 2012  google will remove some services that may be according to google it is not feasible or are not required to google.
This could have implications for bloggers, do not know this would be bad or good result later.

List of services that will be close sources,
  • Google Bookmarks Lists
  • Google Gears
  • Google Search Timeline
  • Google Wave
  • Knol
  • Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal

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Posted by: Zein Okeh Share Everything, Updated at: Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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