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Google will rename picasa and blogger

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Along with the immediate launch of Google's social networking, namely Google+. In the next 6 weeks Google will rename Picasa and Blogger. Will be named Google's Picasa Photos. Blogger will be named Google Blogs. With Google + all the Google services will be integrated in a single page. Open the email, photos, blogs will be as easy as when you do all of that on Facebook.

This name change is expected to be made on or before July 31, 2011  Google+ officially launched to the public. For those not familiar with Google + please see the image below. Google + with a look of Facebook.
example google+

Something like Google +  when the display is a hack like the look of Facebook.
From these images you can see how easy it is to access various Google services on Google +. If Facebook has features notepad, then Google has a feature Google + Blogs (Blogspot). Facebook photo features will be resisted by Google + Google Photos (Picasa). Facebook chat feature will be opposed by Hangouts (chat with webcam facility).

Still not well understood by potential Google +? Please read 6 Features Google + What Not Owned Facebook.
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