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Windows blue screen error messages

Sometimes errors generated on the computer often happens when we are not careful in using it, whether it be when we install the wrong driver or install new hardware. Like Blue Screen Error Messages, this error messages usually contain a mistake on the operating system or hardware.

Contains troubleshooting advice or suggestions what to do to correct the error. It lies under the error message.

Hexadecimal codes that wrote the code crashes.

Memory Dump Message: indicates that all the processes that are currently being held in memory is copied into a file on disk for the purpose of debugging. This debugging file usually takes the technicians to analyze and correct errors.

In this discussion we will only discuss the meaning of the main error messages contained in the Blue Screen, how to fix blue screen on windows below.
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This is a mistake that commonly occur in the Blue Screen error, this message that appears most frequently. This error message is caused generally, due to a mismatch driver installed on your computer.

List of Causes:
? Problem drivers are not compatible or incompatible
? Video Card problem, this includes the overclocked video card that exceeds the limit or you just changed your Video card and Video card not uninstalling the old drivers from the chipset is different
? Problems Audio Card, including configuration errors or bugs in the sound card drivers

2. NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM atau FAT_FILE_SYSTEM (0X00000024) atau (0X00000023).

This message gives an overview on where the damage is located, ie in the partition or filesystem but not in HD. We can check by check cable PATA or SATA or we can check the partition with chkdsk tool.


This windows blue screen can be caused by:
? Hardware Overclock excessive
? An overheated computer components
? BIOS is corrupt
? Memory and CPU is disabled


This blue screen error codes messages is caused because of the possibility that memory or the memory slot on the motherboard is damaged.


This error messages windows Due to hardware damage, including main memory, video card memory, or memory in the processor (L2 Cache).


Caused due to an error in the configuration jumpers the wrong hard drive, boot sector virus, the wrong IDE controller drivers, or chipset driver error, to stop a blue screen we can check it.


To fix a blue screen error messages you try to install the right video card driver. The error occurs on the video card driver installation is less than perfect, restart during installation or can also occur because of errors in the installation of the driver.


In windows blue screen This error can occur because of errors or incompatible drivers. Often occurs when installing windows XP from an upgrade, or not from the new installation.


This message is caused due to damage RAM.


Caused by a defect in the CPU, or the aggressively overclocked, and power supply shortage of power or damaged.
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