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Steps SEO

SEO (search engine optimize) is a technique used to ensure your site or blog to stay in the top of search engines, but some say that SEO is a mystery that no one can solve explicitly about SEO.

But the SEO (search engine optimize) is very influential for a website or blog, one of the use of SEO is to place the right keywords on your website / blog, it will help any indexed website / blog on search engines.
Lots of SEO steps that should and should at try and really we must pay attention to the continuity of our website / blog to be in the top 10 search engines. For example, proper usage of the right keywords, is very important to target the right so you can reach the right audience, also provide content, videos, and pictures with the right keywords.Used Meta Tags can you read at last post here.

SEO tips from various sources is as follows:

1. Specify the title, which according to the contents of the website / blog, make sure that every page can be indexed by search engines, because search engines sometimes do not want to enter our website into their database right cause url that is not static, use static URLs. Make sure all of its pages to the search engines crawl. Recommended web contains one object do not various.

2. Unique content, unique content is one of SEO that can be quickly indexed by search engines, and unique content will be stored in a database search engine.still fresh and unique content has never been in any post by the web.

3. Determining the domain name for the website, is an important matter that can also indexed in search engines, domain names should be in accordance with the title and content of the website, buying domain names in the country we are targeting, for example, we want a lot of web search in country A will buy A domain in these countries.

4. So that all pages can be indexed / crawled by search engines, make sure every page has a navigation link / text links, because the bot will visit each page through a text link.
For example, the first link connected to link the second and third, and so on.
Avoid the use of java script and flash navigation system, because it will be ignored by the spider bot.

5. Implementing Google Sitemaps is also recommended, as this will help search engines to find pages that may have missed during the crawl.

6. Use keywords and a keyword-targeted allocation appropriately. Of the entire HTML markup, tags that are most important to note is the title and headers. It is advisable to have a different title for every page and to adopt proper hierarchy of headers so that search engines know what content
focus pages.Other posted about keywords can you read at last posted here.

7. Inbound links and outbound links, make sure it can be applied both on our website, between inbound links and outbound links should have something in common with the content of our website.
Also make sure that we put a link on our website is still there.
Search engines like Google only consider  link organic, organic link that there is a natural link to the content, such as the google guidelines say like that.


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