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Keyword Research Tips

keywords are important in a website or blog in monetize. Keywords are keywords that become the main bone direction from a website or blog.

Talking SEO problem, no change to play with the name keyword. Keyword research, is absolutely necessary to boost the efficacy of optimization blog. Keyword research is the process of finding and determine what keywords are appropriate for a blog. That way, the accuracy of keywords will affect the blog traffic.
To be able to identify what keywords are appropriate for a blog, would not necessarily be determined directly. With the effectiveness of keywords that will be used to better determine how much influence on our own blog visitors. It is estimated that major changes can happen by doing keyword research it on our blog traffic.

To begin keyword research, can be done as follows:

1. Brainstorming for keywords, it means thinking about the words that potential for our own blog. Could include the theme of the blog, what category that is often raised, the things that become the identity of the blog, also searching through google tools use keywords that is a trend like google insight, and google trends.

2. Survey visitors, meaning that of the many that once in use, visitors are more interested in writing like what, what keywords they come to entrap our blog. By looking back to those keywords that have been previously, on the combine back to keywords that potential sharing.

3. Use Keyword Research Tools, Keyword reseach tool will compare the possibilities of what keywords potential to be in use on the blog. There are several alternative keyword research tools on the Internet include: Wordtracker  Overture.

4. Keyword selection, in this part of the keyword analysis tools, live selecting what keywords are worth and potential to be installed on the blog. By selecting keywords that potential will exceed the strength of existing keywords. Especially if you use the value of the effectiveness of keywords on the internet.

5. Testing keywords and analyze the results, it means staying keywords are implemented in our own blog. With the SEO strategies that are owned, of course. Then analyze the results with a variety of tools such as google analitycs.

The success of this keyword research could eventually affect the targeted visitors and traffic. This way can be said keyword research which is quite tiring. But there is no harm if you want the best results for our own marketing strategy blog. So keyword research can be used as a great way to break traffic blogs.

Partial Website Free Download Keyword research and Website Analysis Tools :
1. Google Keyword Tools
2. WordTracker,
3. Market Samurai, Free keyword Research and Analys tool.
4. Article Submit, Spinner. Website Submitter 4.0, Article Submitter 4.2, Feed Submitter 4.0, Press Release Submitter 4.0, Website Popularity 4.0, Article Spinner.
5. Good Keyword, The software will analyze the URL and display the following...
  • Alexa Rank and Link COunt for the URL's main site
  • Google PR
  • Google Incoming Link COunt
  • Yahoo Incoming Link Count
  • Altavista Incoming Link Count
6. Web Ceo, Web CEO gives you 12 full-featured tools. They help you find your niche, promote and maintain your website, and analyze your visitors. The tools are organized into four logical modules: keyword optimization, online promotion, achievements tracking and maintenance.
7.  Traffic Trafis, Keyword tool, Page Analays, Search Engine Tools, SEO Analys, PPC Analys,etc

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Advertising Affiliate Program said...

well,keywords are best method for the getting more people to your blog that are the main bone of the SEO optimization also used for the getting traffic to the site.

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Free Domain Name said...

good keywords, good links = good traffic. =)

Vee Eee Technologies said...

Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.
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climus said...

thx for the info, it most complete than other. i can learn musch about this. salut

Nickolei Angeles said...

Thanks for the good information you have shared here. I am sure many people will also find your post very helpful especially the newbie. Keep on posting!
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Jackshobs said...

Ideally you would research your keywords as you build your brand and purchase a keyword rich domain. These autocomplete results will show some of the most highly searched phrases in your niche.

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