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Screen capture for android with or without apps

Starting from the question in accusing me of someone who has the android phone "How do I capture picture on android?" Then I told screenshots android app? that same question with differend woords :) its kind that is a question when it was still new on using that android and not yet one week using android phone, in fact initially I also do not know how do it! :).

But since the Internet is now easier then I was open an internet in my room and searching in google, there are many applications that are in the google search, there could be no need to use the application and without root and there is also to make screen shot or screen capture applications need application and root. It still depends on the choice of you which is the best to use.

Also happened to be at that time I found a blog that I forgot to mention that blog and I'm sorry for him to posting back taht knowledge in my blog, way without the screenshot application on android i use samsung galaxy young. Ow much of a coincidence, is not really a coincidence everything is set up. The first I gave a screen capture images in a way that no android apps.

* How to Screenshot image without android application and without root on samsung galaxy Y GT S5360.

1. Take your phone and turn on:).
2. Screen is ready to be shot and then press a button on the center continues to press the back button on the the right once, the last push button on / of phone one and the picture will be soon in capture or in print to the screenshots folder.

screenshot image on android

3. To know the results open the gallery and see the screenshots folder there are the results.

* How to screenshot or capture an image in android with the application:

There are some screen shots android apk free or paid which are in google play we can choose according to our choice and according to your needs.

1. No Root Screenshot It, android screen capture application which is paid but its use does not need to root our android phone so it can be directly used.
2. Ultimate screenshots made ​​by Ice Cold Apps. Screen capture apps for android that there are two options one could with root and does not require root.
3. Screenshot by Kastor Soft, after I try and I read before installing android on phone we've had rooted. Though we can save the results of his capture to image JPG, BITMAP or PNG.
4. Screenshot Free By Wise Shark Software, this one I have not tried.

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