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Windows 8 and windows 7 dual boot system

Around a couple of days ago my sister bought a samsung notebook with AMD A6-4400M APU Radeon (tm) HD graphics 2.70 GHz and 2 GB ram. That's just the information I used to create a dual boot windows 7 and windows 8 on the samsung laptop.

And before that I had made a post on how to dual boot windows 8 and windows xp on the pc, and dual boot or triple boot between windows, ubuntu linux and android. Whatever can be done on a computer or laptop that we have provided a laptop or pc we already meet the criteria or have the specs required for an operating system.

How to install dual boot windows 7 and windows 8 there are some things that need attention or need her to know some of the steps that must be done first. In samsung Laptop AMD A6-4400M vision the first thing change bios settings by clicking the F2 key when the laptop first time it runs, and then select the first boot the system it is cdrom first boot. Usually there are cdrom his name but I forgot the name of cd-romnya, because now the laptop was taken by my sister :).
dual boot windows 7 and windows 8

The first step to dual boot windows 7 and windows 8 are:

1. Make a partition on the hard drive, because its a new laptop so I created three partitions ie Drive C or the first partition is 100 GBdrive D or a second partition around 50GB and for the rest Drive E for storage of data such as music files, video etc..
For the hard drive is already partitioned or already installed windows to make sure the partition is windows 8 windows 7 minimal  15G.
To create partition with  partition wizard tool see the video below :
2. Once the partition is created it is time to install the windows. First time that must be installed on your pc or laptop is windows 7, but it is okay if you want to install Windows 8 first and write cd key or serial number windows 7 to a paper for later needed during installation, enter into the windows 7 cd into cd-rom then restart your PC or laptop and then on the computer screen or laptop turns while press the F11 key to bring up the boot options of the first instance for the first boot drive and a second boot to cd-rom, now that we chose is the second boot is to boot to cdrom, but on some computers or laptops are different settings so if F11 can not work try by pressing F9 or F10 or F12. Or if the cd rom on your computer or laptop is damaged then it can do the installation of windows 7 on usb drive, to make a boot usb drive windows 7 can be found here.
3. If you've booted into the cd-rom then install windows 7 will run immediately and follow the steps according to instructions there. But to partition or select the appropriate partition we created earlier as the partition or drive C then select the partition, my advice would select the first partition or drive C to perform the installation windows 7, when the first partition or drive C: is for megabytes eg 100 MB or 200 MB and more, then select Drive D: a magnitude of more than 15 GB, the partition size of 100 or 200 mb and size assortment but I know size is not more than 500 MB is for the system partition or boot partition windows reverse the will be used for booting.
4. Once Windows 7 is installed on your computer or laptop, then the next ketahap.
5. Insert the CD or usb windows 8 restart your laptop or computer, as usual at the start screen appears click or press the F9 can boot, F10, F11 or F12 depending on your PC settings.
6. Once the PC or laptop is booting to the cdrom windows 8 and then select the appropriate languange and select the U.S. keyboard click next and install, well for its partition select the partition you created for Windows 8, for example Windows 7 installed on Drive C then windows 8 in installed on drive D. click next and the installation will begin just follow the steps in accordance with the instructions given there.
7. Once Windows 8 is installed it after restarting the computer or laptop then there are two choices aka boot the windows 7 and windows 8.
8. Good luck.

If you still get confused comments below this post. Thank you.

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