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Best Free Photo Editing Applications for android

The more easy to edit a photo on a smartphones are more and more ways and applications can easily to get it, paid apps and there is also a free apps, depend how we want to use the application.

Photo editing apps for smartphones are downloaded for free no less good as a paid app, the presence of photo editing application is very popular and as easy to use an instant way to generate a good photo editing. Applications for photo editing favored the first time when the iPhone was released, and the growing number of devotees when android began to tune.

Of the two types of operating system used by the user, the user's smartphone is the most widely used photo editing application at this time. Of the various existing applications most photo editing apps for smartphones and android does have good quality.

The following are some photo editing apps for smartphones below.

Application Photo edit for smartphone and android

1. Camera+

HDR Camera+

Camera+ provides an excellent feature when editing photos that will be zooming as much as 6 times. With the grid on this application so helped to determine the balance of images and object that will take a picture will be in a more appropriate position.

There are so many effects that can be used and the border that will make us a better picture. And it is easy to upload to facebook, twitter and flickr.

2. PicsPlay Pro - FX Photo Editor.

PicsPlay Pro

PicsPlay Pro Application is an application that can be used for the operating system Android users by giving 200 professional presets available, so we can use it to make us more beautiful picture quickly.
Available effect can also add diversity to edit photos like Blur, Vintage, HDR effects, black and white, with real-time opacity control. After edit the image, we can directly upload to facebook, twitter and Instagram using this application.

3. Pixlr-O-Matic

Each photo will be edit we can make it a better picture, with Pixlr-O-Matic we can edit photos with various effects such as overlay 280, nearly 200 border and 100 securities. Combine any effect on your photo so the results of the photo to be better.

4. PicSay Pro

 PicSay Pro

Different with the smartphone applications and android in general, PicSay Pro makes editing photos with the photo as in the comics, so when we are going to give a words in our pictures we can give the effect of bubbles that are useful for storing text that will we write. PicSay Pro it also can eliminate unwanted effects such as red-eye sometimes caused by a flash on the camera.

5. Filterstorm

The concept used is similar to that we usually use photoshop in computer that is the layer concept. So if we are going to edit the photo we can see the activity edit photos up to 5 layers. In Filterstorm kit can choose colors available such as brush, gradient, coloring, sketching and opacity

In addition to edit photos with a choice of colors we can also adjust the brightness or contrast of an image, exposure, saturation, to determine aspect ratio.

6. Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Maybe for computer users who often use photoshop feel familiar of that name, Adobe in addition to making  photoshop adobe for computer applications now create applications that can be used with mobile, smartphone.

But there is a fundamental difference that is to edit photos with Photoshop express is much easier than the computer version of photoshop. Just like the computer version of photoshop photoshop mobile version can also be used to add effects and filters to manipulate the color, crop, rotate, straighten and flip through photos.

Apart from the above six applications, there are several or even many photo editing applications that we can use. What about the six applications for photo editing that can be used on Android and the smartphone, where the best choice for use of your own. Almost all applications have features that are good us, depending on what is the best for use.

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Ways to securing your computer system from hacker

There are several factors that can lead to compromised securing of computer systems, among which the development of a virus that will cause the computer system to be failure.
And with the development of technology the world now use the computer as a communication to online banking, social networking and online shopping. For it is the easier of the hackers and crackers as spammers can attack anytime on your computer system.

Hackers can stolen our personal data such as emails and other important data. For that we need a few countermeasures in order to keep your computer system safe from hackers and crackers. Here are simple steps that you can do on your computer system.
Secure Computer
image source :
1. Important data such as personal information had to be backed up at any moment and store it separately from the computer you normally use to open the email, social network and online shopping.

2. For computers that are often used for internet browsing software to install a good firewall, so viruses, worms, malware, trojans and adware will be difficult to penetrate the wall.

3. Using the browser, you should always take a look at whether they are in a state of optimum safety as email settings to keep spammers.

4. Operating systems, software and web browser you use should be kept up to date, frequent updates to the third circuit, the point to make them thicker than hacker attacks etc.. For users of Windows OS update by visiting and for users of office visit latest patches and updates from it.

5. Boot disk is important, then you create a boot disk on your computer using a usb drive, so if there is damage to your computer operating system you just open the first with a boot disk.

6. Install anti-virus and setting the automatic updates so that updates to anti-virus will always receive the new version.

7. Be careful to incoming email and you do not know, because if we open the email could happen that email is a virus spreader.

8. There are some programs of unknown origin, the program can be a funny story or a joke, It can contain a Trojan horse in it and if you spread to multiple computers like kekomuter friend trojan horse virus then it will attack the computer in question.

9. Always turn off your computer when not in use, so your computer will be free from attacks by hackers, because hackers now can not penetrate the dead computer.

10. File name extension must remain disabled, this is usually the windows operating system by default is set to hide file extensions.

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Applications similar to Instagram for blackberry

Since Instagram is not available for Blackberry applications and is only available for iPhone and Android, but you do not need to worry because now present a popular photo-sharing app that has just bought official facebook invite many curious users another handset with one Blackberry OS.

Although not app Instagraman this is alternative and similar to Instagram is a photo sharing application, but the application is still less with the Instagram app and instead are far from perfect compared to Instagram. These applications are actually just giving the users who like to be blackberry mobile photography, a function that users can edit their images and then upload them to social networking.
picstory app for blackberry

Applications similar to Instagram was named Picstory, namely the images that we capture through applications on the Blackberry Picstory you can edit it first before exhibited to fellow users blackberry and Picstory users worldwide.
Another advantage of this application and it is quite interesting for users Blackberry are the images that have been produced now do not need to be stored dikomputer but it can be directly used in BB and edited directly with Picstory before it is uploaded to facebook and twitter.

Fortunately, every application is not available for some gadgets that we have always replacement applications that are not less interesting to use, although it is slightly different but have the same function.

On how to install this application is quite easy, you can download directly from the App world Picstory available. The first thing to do perhaps you already know the first run BBM connected app. Please direct kesasaran and you can enjoy it for free in the App World, is to already have a Blackberry, but if it has not got a blackberry can afford it because the blackberry price is cheap now. You can download Picstory here.

Reference : Eragadget

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iPhone 5 survey results in United states

The emergence of the iPhone 5 turns out to have a great welcome in the United States, is evident from the data held by the market research institute Toluno Quicksurveys, some of them are amazed by the presence of the iPhone 5.

From the results of a survey conducted at the time was part of the American people is about 33% said they would buy the iPhone 5, the research carried out in 2000 which followed the American citizen survey. In many previous survey produced similar data which is about 76 percent of iPhone owners will upgrade their mobile phone.

A survey conducted evident from the nearly 33 percent of 50 percent is blackberry mobile phone owners, those who use the BB said they would switch to iPhon 5, other than that portion of the 32 percent of the data generated is android owners want to have an iPhone 5.
iPhone 5 Features Revealed - iPhone 5 News Update
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This is a very powerful thing to emergence of the iPhone 5 in addition to dupe consumers also have a very interesting feature. It can be seen that it has an iPhon 5 great view, is evident from the 58 percent of consumers, they say that the iPhone 5 an attractive display that can hypnotize them will display the iPhone 5. The rest, they will be like battery life and phone performance.

Of the many data generated from the survey there was also a disappointment, is based on a survey that 24 percent disappointed that iPhone 5 does not come with wireless charging and some are still 24 per cent also felt disappointed that there is no microUSB port.

The advantages and disadvantages of each mobile phone or gadgets certainly exists and depends on user, what they feel comfortable and feel good for everyday use. The rest we can tell from the sale of the iPhone 5, which may be carried out a survey of its sales.
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Three options photo editing for blackberry and playbook

To produce an image or photo look better in your blackberry or blackberry playbook mobile phones  make sure that you have already the applications necessary for converting the image into a good result.

Since the images on the blackberry phone and blackberry playbook is not as good as the images result by some mobile android or iphone. Photo editing photo application such online and are downloaded and installed into the phone, many are looking for now. Beside editing photos like Instagram that can be used on iOS and Android apps have been many others that can be used in various platforms and gadgets. Blackberry users are now starting to use it.

Actually a lot of free photo editing online that you can use easily, but it would be interesting if the application is in our own phone.
With photo editing apps blackberry mobile phone users now can enhances the picture results.

There are three options for photo editing blackberry mobile phones that can be used:

1. LensBoost
lensboost aplication blackberry

This application makes it easy for you by providing you with the images produced retro or vintage images which can give the impression of a classic in the picture. That way you can put pictures of your edits into your BBM profile.

2. InstaPhoto
blackberry aplication instaphoto

Few if these names look similar to Instagram. Since Instagram is not usable and not provide the application for blackberry, then instaPhoto replacement and the best selection in addition besides Instagram that can be used in the blackberry. In this application, you can choose the 25 effects that can be used, and can direct and share to your social networking account.

3. BibbyCam
bibbycam aplication

Besides the above two applications, bibbycam also no less interesting with the above applications. Bybbicam provides 14 filters you can use. These filters include Lomo, Old Photo and sunsine. Create yourself by using double filter feature.

Create edit your photo as you wish and share it to your friends via social network so that your friends can value the results produced by you.

Be creative indeed is a challenge for you, and there is no limit to create it,  but remember don not edit your picture too much, Due to excessive usually not good.
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Russian Romos OS ready to compete google android

After the tablet with Google android operating system will now present and is being released a Russian-built tablet with a new operating system that is Russian Mobile Operating System (Romos). The main features provided by the Romos prioritize security and custom designs for military interests. And this tablet will not share any data with google.

Military special tablet they had prepared like other military tablet, tablet Romos OS by having other features such as durable and waterproof as well. Most likely if the tablet has been released not only be used fatherly military but also for public users.
flag russia
Flag of Russia on Public Domain Images

Russian Ministry of Defense is the first person or the user who will try first this tablet and have planned that this tablet will be out in late 2012.

Such tablet android is uses GPS satellites but not for this Romos navigation system that will be used is the Glonass is Russia's satellite navigation system itself. Russia is the country that has its own advanced satellite. The price will be offered at $ 460 USD. We can wait until the end of 2012 is an entry level tablet Romos will be used by public users and is OS Romos will compete with Google Android Tablet.

Maybe after plan releasing this Romos os will present another tablet and will be a competitor google android  and Romos, operating system is a must on the gadgets, not just tablets such as Computer, mobile phone and some other gadgets that use a variety of different OS. For the moment we do not know the advantages of Romos OS, whether android google will be replaced. We also don't know the application that will be used Romos whether they will use google apps as android used ?
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Mobile bacterial much more than toilet bacterial

We may wonder with the title I gave. This is the reality, of a dangerous bacteria in the mobile, proved by news apparently killed a man.

The real story is that there is a man stole a mobile phone is in ebola virus quarantine area. As a result, the man who stole mobile phone has attached the ebola virus.
mobile holding a mobile phone
imgae source :
Charles Gerba A microbiologist from the university of arizona said, that bacteria in mobile phones more than in the appeal of the bacteria in the toilet. Even Gerba said that the bacteria can be compared among 10-to-1. This can be proved with that if we can clean toilet all the time but we never clean the phone.

So if you want to eat after holding a mobile phone you should wash your hands thoroughly, it might be because you are exposed to mobile phone full of harmful bacteria that cause illness.

Gerba also added "that he often saw people using mobile phones in the toilet", but it is not the main thing that causes many bacteria in the phone. The main cause of the disease is sharing a cell phone. It makes it more dangerous, because the mobile phone is used near the mouth that makes it easier for bacteria to enter the body.

In this condition, you should think twice before lending your mobile phone to another, rather than stingy but it's for mobile health and your body :). Or at least you use earphones or you can also clean the phone at any time.

As sometimes I keep my phone in any place, dusty and it would make me sneeze because of dust. Until now a runny nose continues.

It seems light and there may be those among us who will not believe it, but it's a fact that may be not aware of it.
Just in case we should be able to start doing what it says Gerba is important for our health. Refence :

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