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Nokia lumia 920 windows phone 8 review

Nokia products still provide quality and extraordinary design, such as the nokia lumia 920, this phone has plenty of character and use Windows phone 8 operating system, handsets that maintain a beautiful design of the product previously the nokia lumia 900, but this handset is slightly different from the lumia 900 of a glossy windows phone 8 which has an important role for the survival of the company Nokia.

Nokia Lumia 920 is perfect as a gift for the holidays at this time, although coated with a glossy but will not easily slip in the hand and the size slightly larger than the previous handset. With a 4.5 inch screen will display the user interface perfectly with metro UI. Easy to set tiles that will suit us to setting like small, medium and large.

Nokia Lumia 920

nokia lumia 920

If we are talking about HD technology, the nokia lumia 920 has a better rate than other HD technology, nokia lumia 920 is  Puremotion HD technologically.

Viewed from the layout of each button, on the nokia lumia 920 looks very good, ranging from the headphone jack is located in the middle and holes corresponding micro speaker in place so it will be easier to listen to the music.

Designed with a unibody, which means users can not access to open the battery cover. And is available as a slot where the SIM card access, that if we would insert sim card then we have to use special tools. Regarding micro sd on nokia lumia 920 apparently does not provide for a micro sd slot, so no additional storage space.

Although only a 8.1MP camera features but using NFC technology and Pureview additional features that will be available on the nokia lumia 920.

Nokia Lumia 920 Option

nokia lumia 920 white 4g

Nokia Lumia 920 4G Windows Phone, White (AT&T)

See price here
Nokia lumia 920 windows

Nokia Lumia 920 Smartphone - Att Locked - White Price : $636.18 (as of 12/09/2012 More detail)
Nokia lumia 920 black

Nokia Lumia 920 4G Windows Phone, Black (AT&T)

More detail
Nokia lumia 920 yellow

Nokia Lumia 920 4G Windows Phone, Yellow (AT&T)

More detail
Nokia lumia 920 red

Nokia Lumia 920 4G Windows Phone, Red (AT&T)

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