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Cheap price Android jelly bean from asus

For those of you who are looking for android jellybean that's cheap and good quality asus ME172V might be a good choice for you.

After the success of the collaboration between Asus and Google with its nexus 7 asus now provide cheap android price but with good specs that 1GHz processor and Mali 400 GPU.
Asus google nexus 7, which previously has been launched with the operating system windows xp profesional tablet is very interesting too.

Indeed the price of asus ME172V is not expensive but the asus has not given news of her will be launched this asus ME172V, maybe the beginning of this new year. Results from GLBenchmark test that yields a low end tablet specs.
cheap asus tablet jellybean
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From the results GLBenchmark gives also the results that this Asus tablet is a tablet jellybean 4.1.1 with the resolution of 1024 x 522 even likely to increase to 1024 x 600.

The result of the specification is still known only very limited, other specifications as yet known about the core, sdcard slot or anything else related to this asus ME172V.
This news is a bit surprising addition will make a jellybean that cheap android tablet also will give employees a touch different for us who have funds that are not too large.

But unfortunately there has been no news tablet will launching, it's that we should be a little patient waiting for news of the emergence of the tablet.

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