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What is igfxpers.exe

We may wonder about igfxpers.exe running on windows that we use it. igfxpers it runs automatically on windows and it takes a lot of resources of the computer system so that our computer becomes a bit disturbed his speed. Although this is a bit useless for our operating system but if it makes us a less than optimal computer we can turn it off and igfxpers.exe is not a virus or malware.
What is igfxpers.exe
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What is igfxpers.exe? And How to Turn it off? What the heck is igfxpers.exe? Try to open the Task Manager, go to the Processes tab. After that note the Image Name. There was a process called igfxpers.exe running in the background. This file is the process of saving Intel chipset-based graphics card driver Intel. Igfxpers.exe commonly called the Intel Common User Interface that is useful on computers that will restore the original screen resolution after restart / shutdown / hibernate. If observed, this process takes a lot of computer system resources. Therefore, you should turn it off. Here's how:

1. Type "msconfig" in the start menu, without quotes.

2. Click the tab "Startup" and remove the check mark on the Intel Common User Interface.

3. Click the "OK".

4. Restart the computer to see the changes.
reference [Dede purnama]

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