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Kill Shot, The Rifle Unique Camera

Many of uniqueness is happening in our lives, like the camera on this one. Camera with a gun shape is very good and interesting.

although its shape is unique but the camera quality may not be less good with a regular camera that we use everyday. The camera is indeed a need for us in everyday life, many of us whose lives can not be separated from a camera, whether it be the camera of mobile phones, digital cameras or cameras with other forms.

camera gun

Randy and Michael Gregg duo produce a product that is quite unique. A rifle-shaped camera rifle. 'Kill Shot', so it was named, is intended for 'hunters who do not really want to kill the target'.

Because the idea is the camera, so he was not able to launch a bullet. This product will be developed again and still looking for sponsor funding.

Do not expect there will be a shutter button that looks unusual, because in order to suppress Shuter, the user must pull its trigger. Users can also zoom in on the targeted object. With a storage card and USB port, record and transfer video can also be realized with these tools.

Prepared to accompany the hunters in the woods, Kill Shot is suitable to treat the users of fire concerns. On behalf of the sport or hobby of photo distribution may be a unique way, the project 'Kill Shot' seems reasonable anticipated. When be visited the site, this unique camera valued $ 150 or about USD 1.3 million. Reference []

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