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Add panel in the bottom of your desktop Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

Ubuntu 11.10 comes with appearance of luxury and charming. Unity has been a hallmark of the current Ubuntu. By leaving the interface Gnome 3 which provides limits the use of desktop effects, Ubuntu want to continue to present a powerful and reliable system, but does not leave an element of beauty on a desktop.

Some of us may not be familiar with the Unity interface, it still takes time to adjust to in order to feel comfortable with the new interface is used. With Ubuntu 11.10, we want to use the classic look of Gnome 3 is not impossible.
ubuntu panel

If you are using Ubuntu 11.10 you might want to add a panel in the bottom of your desktop because ubuntu 11.10 that is used is a gnome 3 with a different view does not provide the panel or the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop. This panel allows us to open or close the applications or Programs we have opened.
This application is Tint2, an application for Ubuntu whose function is to provide a panel or taskbar at the bottom of Ubuntu desktop. Tint2 can be used for GNOME, KDE, XFCE, OPENBOX, PEKWM, etc. So we can easily view or select programs.

Here are the steps to do.

1. If you have just installed Ubuntu, then you have to do is to update Ubuntu in the terminal as root, and typing "apt-get update" without the quotes, then upgrade the Ubuntu by typing the command "apt-get upgrade" without the quotes or go to update software.

2. Go to the Ubuntu software center is located on the left panel, or open it in customization.
ubuntu software center
3. Typing Tint2 in the search box located on the Ubuntu software center.
4. Install Tint2 by clicking the install button.
5. Go to the top right corner of your Ubuntu desktop and then click the startup applications.
ubuntu startup application

6. Click the Add button and type tint2 in the boxed name and in the command, close and restart your Ubuntu.
7. Finish.
If you want to install Tint2 in terminal just simply by typing this command :
sudo apt-get install tint2
And follow the next step starting from the number five of the instructions above.
At this second step is to install a Gnome classic that we use on a previous version of ubuntu.

Install Gnome Classic panel is very easy in Ubuntu 11.10. All you need is connected to the internet because it needs the installation of Gnome Classic has been provided in the Ubuntu repositories.
ubuntu gnome 3 classic

Please run Synaptic or use the Ubuntu Software Center if you have not installed Synaptic. In the search box, type "gnome-panel" without the quotes, and mark the package to be installed.
Gnome classic installation process will go quickly. If you want to use text mode to install the gnome-panel, please run a terminal and type the following command line "sudo apt-get install gnome-panel" without quotes.
Press enter and enter your password if prompted. Give the answer by typing "y" at any prompt that is displayed until the installation is completed. To run on Ubuntu Gnome Classic 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot that you just installed, please reboot / log out the computer. LightDM on the login screen, click the "Gear" to display the selection session, select the session "Gnome Classic". Select a user and enter the user password you will use and press enter to log into the system.

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