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How to disable automatic windows update windows 7

In previous post in How to stop windows updates windows xp and vista if we have a low connection internet and to make our internet speed better we should to disable the automatic updates windows.

Windows automatic updates is intended to keep your computer following the improvements made to the microsoft windows operating system. This feature is not a problem for which a daily basis using a fast internet connection. you can turn on and turn off automatic windows update windows 7. If you use internet access mediocre (especially those using dial-up connection), it is becoming a problem because the bandwidth of Internet connections will be cut and used by the auto update from the windows. The solution, you must stop the auto update windows feature so you can use internet bandwidth all to complete the work of others.

Using Windows 7, follow the instructions on how to disable windows updates windows 7 feature:

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Click System and Security
  • turn off automatic windows updates windows 7
  • Continue to click the System
  • Click on Windows Update
  • Next, click Change settings
  • On the Important updates, select Never check for updates (not recommended)
  • disable automatic updates windows 7
  • Finally, click the OK button

If you want to turn on automatic updates back just follow the steps above and change settings.
Maybe one day by chance you use the internet connection faster or indeed want to download windows update, you can do without having to manually re-enable auto update facility. Way, follow the first four steps above, then continue by pressing the Check for updates. System will be connected to the microsoft website and to update the system of windows operating system. Reference [source ]

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