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6 tips prevent facebook account from hacker

Although facebook is now very sophisticated but the security of it's own facebook account can still be in the unloading by hackers. This is an advantage for those hackers and a loss for facebook user.

One of the convenience offered by Facebook is accessible wherever you are. With all this connectivity, there are important responsibilities that must be maintained that the security of your personal account.
facebook and hacker

To prevent the hijacking of Facebook accounts, you better you know the tricks used by hackers in stealing accounts. Here is a trick that is usually used hackers to hijack accounts / get one's Facebook password.

1. Facebook applications and Advertising
Be careful when already logged into Facebook. Do not carelessly clicking on ads or your own applications that are not familiar. Many Facebook users hit by virus from the ads on Facebook or stuck to their personal data without accidentally when using certain applications.

2. Login Facebook Phishing page
Hackers generally always exploit popular topics. Spammers use a variety of ways and methods so that you get stuck and give your account. Facebook itself lately many targeted spam attacks through phishing techniques. When we click on links contained in Facebook, we will be brought to a page that seems to Facebook login page when the page is a page designed to steal passwords Facebook spammers.

One way to avoid such pitfalls is by not carelessly clicking a URL in an email. Better typing in the URL you want to visit the site directly in a browser. Actually very easy to recognize a fake URL. If the URL is not written, then that URL is a fake.

3. Website Integrated with Facebook
With the increasing popularity of Facebook, a lot of blogs, websites, and even large companies that integrate their website with Facebook and Twitter buttons. This is not a problem as long as the original link is used up. The problem arises when hackers interfere with falsifying Facebook share button. When we clicked the button is false, then the hacker will easily steal our passwords.

4. Third-Party Applications Online
Beware of third party applications that could potentially steal data. Facebook users are usually very easy to allow certain applications to access their Facebook account because it considers the application is trusted.

But the thing is, from every application that we believe there may be ten or twenty fake applications that are designed to steal your Facebook login data. Therefore, before installing an application and input data to your Facebook login, find out the credibility of the application through the review presented other users or check whether the application has been officially registered.

5. Login via Public Computers
Login Avoid using public computers for vulnerable accounts hijacked. Public computers are often used as a 'tool' to spy on users. Moreover, many people are not aware of the existence of the "keep me logged in" contained on the Facebook login page. Often a person's Facebook page is still in the position we want to login when accessing Facebook through a public computer.

6. Pop-up Chat false
Another trap that hackers use to allow users to login to their Facebook accounts is to use the chat pop-up windows. By imitating the pop-up chat up, chat pop-up windows will be acted invite you chat via Facebook chat facility.

If we click on the chat window, then you will be escorted to a Facebook phishing page. Or it could be this is a porn site advertising or other products that we do not want. All these tactics are a lot of hackers and identity thieves use to obtain our personal data. Because of this, do the login only at the official site Facebook, use a trusted third-party applications, and be careful when logging on public computers.
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