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Display an automatic blog post on Facebook wall

Facebook is a social networking site which is very rapid development, because the user is given the right to develop applications related to facebook. Not surprisingly, Facebook much in demand by users for many applications that support the work of users, including the Blogger. Many applications that support for the bloggers so very helpful in doing promo bloggers or others, such as automatic display blog posts on Facebook.
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How to Display an automatic blog post on Facebook wall

Showing blog posts automatically on Facebook is very easy. Only with the help of an application called RSS Graffiti. This application is able to display posts that we update or the latest posts on our blog to be published on the facebook wall automatically. The trick is as follows:

  • Can search on facebook with key RSS Graffiti, or directly click the RSS Graffiti.
  • If you've met, click Go to Applications, (there is next to the Love)
  • Then it will be brought to the Applications page, just do clicks and will be brought to the settings menu.
  • Click the Add Feed, it will display many columns, lived in content according to the data blog.

How It Works RSS Graffiti

How it works Displaying RSS Graffiti for automatic blog post on Facebook is as follows:
Each of us doing recent posts, the RSS Graffiti will display on the wall facebook page automatically. Is obtained from the RSS which we entered earlier.

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