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Different method to recover password in windows 7

Different method to recover password in windows 7
Author: Nitesh Ahir

If you’ve lost your current Windows 7 password and cannot login to Windows anymore, you can walk through the following methods to determine which method will work for you to recover, reset or remove your password. All of them are easy enough.

Through Windows Password Reset Disk (USB Flash Drive)
The best about windows 7 is that it permits user to create password reset disk. So if you already have created the reset disk before, you can use it to recover your password.
Now, you should be on windows 7 log on screen. Insert the USB flash drive or the disk into your computer. Press Reset Windows Password and you should prompted with Password reset wizard immediately. Press Next for the first screen. For the second screen pick your disk and press Next. That is it! It is time to type a new password to replace the old one. Just press Finish.

Through an Administrator Account
If you share your computer with an administrator account, so recovering your password will be easy enough. You just need the administrator user help. Ask him to log on as usual and walk through the coming points.

Firstly, go to start menu > control panel> add or remove user accounts. Secondly, he should select your account and then press Change the password.
Through Windows 7 Installation DVD/CD
If you do not share your computer with an administrative account or have a password reset disk so prepare your Windows 7 installation disc to go through the coming steps.

The idea here is to use Windows 7 installation disk to restore the system to certain point. Just you need to remember the approximate date of creating an account password and choose a restore point before that date.

Boot from windows 7 installation DVD/CD. Select the language and press Next. In the lower left corner press "Repair your computer". Pick a restoration point then press Next. That is it! Your system is recovered to a previous point and you can log on without any password.

Use Windows 7 Recovery Disk
Windows 7 recovery disk is a good solution for those who do not have windows 7 installation CD. It may be called windows 7 repair disk. You may have lost your Windows 7 installation disc or you did not get a disc. As nowadays, when you buy desktop or laptop it comes with Windows pre-installed, and sometimes the Windows installation disc is not included. So picking windows 7 recovery disk is a great idea. You will need it frequently to cover most of windows 7 related issues such as recovery or booting problems. It can help you to make Windows Recovery, password & Key Finder, Data Recovery and Disk Management.

Of course, it is boring to forget your computer account password. But there are several methods to recover windows password. All you need is to walk through the previous methods to determine which method is perfect for your scenario.
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