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Kindle Fire More Interest Than iPad

Kindle fire
Kindle Fire
Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi
Date price : 26/11/2011 $199.00

One of the cheaper Android tablet and is the first Android tablet from Amazon, Kindle Fire, so seize the attention of American and European public. Not surprisingly, compared to Apple's iPad, Amazon just set $ 200 for each unit Kindle Fire. Not to mention support for cloud services from Amazon and various other facilities offered by Amazon online store. Even on the first day of pre-orders opened, Kindle enthusiasts Fire has reached 100,000 units.

No wonder if the holidays of Christmas and the end of this year, analysts expect Amazon Kindle Fire will be one of the most sought after gadgets as a special gift. It was also approved by the electronics shopping guide, which estimates that consumers are attracted to Kindle Fire will be much more than the Apple iPad.
This is the sales comparison Amazon Kindle fire VS Ipad  and respondents.
Amazon kindle comparison ipad

In October last polled 1000 potential customers. This research was made to find out what the tablet will be sought after prospects in the event a massive clearance sale which is mostly done retail stores ahead of Christmas and new year.

From research 12% of respondents plan to buy the Amazon Kindle Fire in the holiday season later this year while those who are interested in buying the iPad counted 10% only. For respondents who already have a tablet, 27% said they would upgrade to Kindle Fire while 20% plan to buy the iPad.

When asked if they wanted to buy a Kindle Fire for $ 200 instead of  iPad the cheapest price $ 500, 44% of respondents said 'Yes' and only 12% said 'NO'. While the remaining 44% said they had not decided to buy a Kindle Fire.

"The lack of applications for the Android tablet and the many versions of the Android OS that confuse beginners, also iPad 2 is no longer new, prospective customers decide to make another choice that is the Amazon Kindle Fire. What looks of this poll, regardless of battery life, performance also image quality, Kindle Fire remains an option that consumers demand. "

Different surveys conducted ChangeWave also said something similar. They found that demand for the Amazon Kindle Fire ahead of its release a few moments ago is higher than the original request iPad before its release in 2010.

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