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Restore files or folders are hidden by virus on flashdisk

Flashdisk is a tool to store data like a hard disk on a computer device. Flash disk are very useful for us who often need a tool to store the data that we can take it everywhere. Well if the flash disk that we have and in which there are files or important data we need suddenly affected by the virus, how we should fix the flash disk is affected by the virus?

Before we discuss more about how to fix flash disk that is affected by the virus, here I emphasize, in this case I will discuss is how to fix a flash disk that is exposed to the virus Trojan win32.VB.pod. Or how do we fix the flashdisk filesand folders  hidden by viruses. Because the system is the work of the trojan win32.VB.pod with our original hidden files and duplicate files in a format displays. Exe. It's simply that we fooled to click on the duplicate files, and then spread this trojan win32.VB.pod will be greater.

Example :
Right click on your flash drive and select Properties
Compare capacity Used Space and Free Space, Used Space, if greater than the Free Space, but the files or folder in flashdisk is not as much as it is proud careful because chances are there you are in hidden files, but if otherwise, or even your flash file is empty then you are missing all.

If your files are still there or hidden by a virus win32.VB.pod, then perform the following steps:
  • Stop the anti-virus protection was installed on our computers
  • If only to see the contents from the folder:
    -open the folder options (Tools-> Folder Options) on windows explorer
  • folder option windows xp
  • Select the View tab
  • show hidden folder and files windows xp
  • Select the Hidden files and folders select Show hidden files and folders
  • yes files and folder
    Then uncheck and checklist the "Hidden protected operating system files (Recommended) then click Yes
This way the contents of files and folders in the flashdisk can be seen, but one thing looks weird, image files affected by virus-colored opaque, and when it wants to change the file attribute, disable alias hiddennya die and not be changed from the file properties, (this is because the virus has changed the file attribute to superhidden).

To restore the files and folders hidden by the virus to their original form (can be viewed as normal) follow these steps:

1. open a Command Prompt (by pressing the Windows key R or by clicking the Start menu-> Run). after emerging the Run window type cmd.
open cmd on run

2. After the Command Prompt window appears type the Drive Letter and Path (name of drive / flasdisk) (can be viewed in My Computer).
drive letter of flash drive

example : the drive of flash disk is in drive F:
drive of flash disk in f

then press the Enter key
After Appears Drive / Flash is. Then Type attrib -h -s *.* /s /d and press Enter.

attrib to show files command prompt

change file attributes are being procces wait until its Drive Letter prompt appears again
being proccesses drive letter flash drive
Done, now all files can be viewed as normal

Note: For those of you who lazy or dizziness look at the script and the steps are long.
You can use the software made my friends that can be download here
how its use in included in the file.

Sources: Agungosx /

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