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Paris launched Electric Car Rental

Paris launched its first electric car rental aimed at reducing congestion on main roads. Rental of electric cars was carried out following the success of bicycle rentals, are also accomplished in other cities in Europe.

On probation for two months, this Bluecar electric cars can be rented for 30 minutes at a cost of between four to eight euros.

As quoted from the BBC, an electric car rental system called Autolib It also allows people to become members at a cost of 10 euros per day up to 144 euros per year.

Electric cars are provided by the entrepreneur Vincent Bollore and produced by Italian engineers, Pininfarina, famous for designing Ferrari and Maserati.

These cars can travel 250 kilometers before having to be recharged with a battery for four hours.

In this initial plan, 66 for the four-passenger car will be available at 33 docking stations in Paris. But the mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoe plans to expand to 3,000 vehicles in more than 1,000 filling stations by the end of 2012.

This project can be run because the big companies interested to invest more in Europe. Renault SA and the parent company of Japan's Nissan Motor to invest four billion euros for this electric vehicle.

Carlos Ghosn, the director of Renault and Nissan said sales of electric cars will reach about 10% of new car sales in 2020.
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rent a car bucharest said...

Nice and environmentally friendly idea. I believe the time will come when these cars will also have an improved driving experience, and then we can expect more people renting them. 8 Euro per 30 minutes is a lot though; the subscription per day or per year makes much more sense. I wish our Romanian clients would start requesting such 'green' cars, but do not see that coming ... :)

economic said...

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Dona said...

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David from said...

Great opportunity for planet-friendly travelers to try out a green car! This could also help consumers to go towards buying one.

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