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Microsoft Antivirus Mark Google Chrome as Virus

google chrome bug, California: The company issued a software technology Mcrosoft latest antivirus, marks Google's Chrome browser as a virus. Microsoft Security Essentials remove Google Chrome which is considered as malware than three thousand users in the United States, Monday (3 / 10).

Microsofot antivirus software that has been identified as PWS Chrome: Win32/Zbot virus, a variant of the Zeus Trojan type virus. Automatically blocked or even removed from the customer's machine.

Due to the elimination of Google Chrome, some dissatisfied customers. They assessed the Microsoft only wants to win the competition browser unilaterally. However, it was denied by the Microsoft.

Through his official website, Microsoft apologized. Companies from the United States is also asking customers must manually update the Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) with the latest version. (ANS / TG Daily).
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Posted by: Zein Okeh Share Everything, Updated at: Wednesday, October 05, 2011

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css forms said...

Microsoft want's to be browser monopolist :)

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