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New Blogger Template Designer with dynamic view

Just log in to my blogger account, there is a notification from blogger and there a new template designer. after I check the latest wow Blogger Template Designer is very beautiful, so make me have fun going to this template, the Blogger Template Designer with dynamic view is a variety of its forms and design.

With a dynamic new template does not seem to view these visitors will feel bored when visiting our blog.
to start might be the bloggers already knew it.
1. log in to your aakun bloggers.
2. Then click the Design button and click designer template.


And we can change the colors and layout of the template blogger in accordance with we want.

These are some features that are available in designer blogger.
1. Templates
2. background
3. layout
4. Advanced

And the dynamic view of this we can also choose the design that we want, the following selection of bloggers dynamic view:

1. Classic
2. Flipcard
3. Magazine
4. Mosaic
5. sidebar
6. snapshot
7. Timeslide

Once you change or modification please click the Apply To Blog section top right corner and see the results.

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Posted by: Zein Okeh Share Everything, Updated at: Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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