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Virus disguised as Android Security Update

The security software maker Symantec found a new trojan that mimics Android security update has just been released on the Android Market by Google. Like what?

This Trojan spreads through third-party Android application store. This Trojan is malware (malicious programs) that is inserted into the security updates on the Android Market which was released by Goolge.

Initially, this update has the mission to remove malware DroidDream of Android devices. This malware disguised using the original name of security tools in the Android Market.

This Trojan targets users of Android in China. Symantec said the trojan is able to send SMS to govern and control the server together with information devices, including the IMEI number and the number of mobile users.

"Analysis of the application is still under development. However, the surprising thing is this malware code based on existing projects on Google Code and the license held by the Apache License, "said Mario Ballano from Symantec.

Android rocketing popularity in the world makes the hackers (hackers) flare exploit. They usually insert malware into applications that seem harmless.

Gartner's latest statistics show, 67 million Android devices sold last year. Be careful. [mor]
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Posted by: Zein Okeh Share Everything, Updated at: Friday, March 11, 2011

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Poster said...

Hate Trojans, last week Trojan wasted two weeks of my hard SEO work

Zein Okeh said...

trojan make me confuse..

nancy said...

Nice post thanks for this.

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Jakmisieniechce said...

Good post, thanks for sharing:)

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