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New Search Engine was released (blekko)

Search engines start released in beta on 1 November 2010. His presence becomes an alternative service in addition to Bing and Google. The project is supported with funding of 24 million U.S. dollars and began construction three years ago.

Blekko claims search engines are designed to eliminate spam that plural appears in search results by placing a sign slashtag or the slash in each search word. For example, / aikido, / beatles, / wow, / Twilight and / zen. Users can also make slashtag to note the topics that will be registered in Blekko, a follower slashtag already available, and view statistics for papers and data that have been crawled by Blekko. Not only that, Blekko also identifies how much data is written double or duplicate alias.

Blekko allows users to modify the column on the left as needed. Even open for users to make slashtag. Only, still requires to login first.

Blekko has been tested by 8,000 people who make different slashtag 3000. No fewer than 11 percent of existing users visited Blekko back every week.

Blekko CEO and founder Rich Skrenta Blekko Mike Markson did not have such lofty goals in the near future. However, they believe, when they built this site was visited one to two million visits per day it will be able to reap a profit. (

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