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Camera from Lego Toys Material

As a creative person and full of inspirations, of course anything that he saw or do it will be something beautiful later.

Something that may seem strange, but interesting and also sometimes to be something unusual to do.

Like this one, Children's toys can be something unique and beneficial for him to be a work of art. Norwegian photographer is designing a camera with lego toy, this camera assembler named Carl Frederic Salicath with its ability to assemble, Carl Make it with designed camera ancient, like a form of Brownie.

Lego toy camera
Image source : Berita teknologi

Carl Frederic Salicath give the name this camera with Legoplex camera. Behind the unique shape, this camera is its claimed assemblers could take a picture with a very good result.

In his design, he uses 120 roll film and the lens of the binocular. Frederic chose to make the camera type of TLR (Twin-Lens Reflex) in order to minimize the complexity of structure in it.

To understand the simplicity of it with a better camera, Carl Frederic decided to create their own camera. He also seems to be inspired by Nortin Carty is also assembling a 4 × 5 camera of lego. Reference [Berita teknologi]

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