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Some applications removed by microsoft in windows 8

microsoft windows logoChanges made ​​by microsoft, this is the way to make Windows 8 is more optimal and easy to use.

Perhaps you are a little regret some of the features that will be in the flue, is also to optimize the performance of Windows 8, the features available in previously Microsoft Windows will be deleted or discarded.

One feature that will be eliminated is a feature of Windows Live that will be changed to pre-install applications that form the core of Windows applications Communications in Windows 8.

This is one step in simplifying Microsoft to combine the various service marks are very numerous and very irregular.

In addition to Windows Live, Microsoft also will change the media player application Zune music from the Store Windows applications. But the Zune Pass feature can still be used. Team Xbox from Microsoft be trusted to work on and adjust the video and music applications with a fresh user interface adopting Metro.

Microsoft changed some of the services in Windows 8 is as follows,
  •  Windows Live Contacts turned to People
  •  Windows Live Photo Gallery turned Photos
  •  Zune Music Player turned to Music
  •  Zune Video Player turn into Video
  •  Windows Live ID changed to Microsoft Account
  •  Windows Live Mail turned into a Mail
  •  Windows Live Calendar turned into Calendar
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sell electronics said...

That's quite a disappointment for removing Windows Live, but it would still be a great OS.

Harry said...

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Zein Okeh said...

Okay Harry , , can you add my link first and buzz me here if you has been add my link.

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